Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

The Royal Brunei Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme ("Royal Skies") has been developed to award the loyalty of Royal Brunei Airlines ("RBA") frequent travelers. Participation in Royal Skies is subject to these Terms and Conditions, which are deemed to be accepted by the member upon submission of the application form.

2. Membership

  1. Membership in Royal Skies is open to individuals of at least two (2) years of age. Membership applications submitted by minors (individuals aged under 18 years) must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Membership is not open to families, groups, companies, trusts, partnerships, government departments or agencies, or other entities.

  2. Subject to local laws and restrictions, membership is open to residents of any country who submit a fully completed application form. If an application form is not fully completed, RBA may reject the application or request additional information from the applicant. RBA reserves the right to decline membership to any applicant.

  3. An application for membership will serve as an authorization for RBA to process and store the information given and to use it for research, marketing, customer service and public relations purposes. Only where required by law, will this information be shared with government agencies with or without the knowledge or consent of the members.

  4. Members may change their mailing address and/or telephone number by written notice at any time. Members are responsible for maintaining correct mailing, electronic address and phone number on file with Royal Skies. Under no circumstances will RBA accept responsibility for non-delivery of awards or membership materials due to incorrect address. Members may change name on the account, however name change requests require valid proof of identity.

  5. Each member may maintain only one Royal Skies account. Enrollment of several persons in a single account (joint account) and multiple enrolments by a single person are not allowed. Members may terminate their membership by written notice at any time. All accumulated mileage will then be cancelled. In the event that more than one account has been assigned to the same individual (duplicate accounts) RBA reserves the sole right to close/cancel any of the two accounts and advise member the valid account. Miles accumulated in the account that has been closed/cancelled shall be deemed cancelled and non-transferable to the remaining account.

  6. RBA is not responsible for lost application forms sent through mail and delay of enrollment due to late receipt of application forms. RBA reserves the right to delay or refuse enrollment of membership for incomplete application.

  7. Membership and all the mileage in the account will remain valid if at least one flight or partner transaction (minimum 500 miles) is recorded in the account within a 36-month period. If no activity is recorded within a 36-month period, RBA reserves the right to terminate the account and cancel all unused mileage in the account.

  8. RBA reserves the right to terminate membership, and all mileage accrued cancelled in the event of misconduct, fraud, failure to follow programme policies and procedures and other misrepresentation of information or misuse of the card or programme awards. The member will be held liable for all damages, litigation and transaction costs.

  9. In case of death of a Royal Skies member, the deceased member's air miles may be transferred to another membership account or redeemed subject to the following conditions:-
    (a) the request for transfer or redemption can only be made by the appointed executor(s) or administrator(s) of the deceased member's estate.
    (b) the request must be made within 12 months after the member's death. If the executor(s) or administrator(s) do not make this request within the 12 months period, all unused air miles associated with the deceased member's account will be forfeited and the membership account will be terminated.
    (c) Such request must be made in writing and all relevant documents relating to the deceased member and the appointment as executor or administrator must be attached to the request.
    (d) The executor or administrator cannot transfer or redeem any air miles which have already expired at the date of receipt of such request.

3. Membership Card

  1. A permanent membership card will be issued to members within 2- 4 weeks after the first programme activity transaction (minimum 500 miles) is recorded in the member’s account. Only the individual whose name appears on the membership card is authorised to use it. Royal Skies membership card is not a credit card, debit card or ATM card. The card is the sole property of RBA and must be returned to RBA upon request. RBA reserves the right to request that members produce the membership card for identification purposes at any time.

  2. Until members receive the permanent card, they should use the temporary membership card detached from the application leaflet or printed from the computer screen if application was made from Royal Brunei Airlines’ website. The temporary card is not valid without the member’s name appearing in the "Name" box (white bar) of the card in block letters.

  3. Royal Skies Silver and Royal Skies Gold membership cards carry expiration dates and entitle cardholders to additional benefits during the validity period of Elite membership. Please refer to Elite Tier Programmes and Benefits for more details. Elite Members must present their Gold or Silver membership cards at the time of check-in to enjoy additional benefits.

  4. Members are required to notify Royal Skies Service Centre if the membership card has been lost or stolen. The first replacement card will be mailed free of charge, the second and consecutive replacement require payment of a fee of USD$30 or 2,000 Royal Skies miles deduction.

4. Earning Miles

a) Mileage for Air Travel

  1. The basic unit of accounting in the Royal Skies Programme is the miles accumulated in the member’s account.

  2. Members will earn a minimum of 500 miles or actual flight miles on all regular scheduled flights where an RBA flight number is entered on the ticket. Mileage credit will not be awarded for flight cancellations, except that RBA may, at its sole discretion, give credit for flights cancelled due to mechanical reasons or schedule reduction. In the event of re-accommodation with another carrier due to RBA’s reasons, mileage will be given for the original RBA routing and Class of Service.

  3. Members will earn Royal Skies miles on all purchased Royal Brunei Airlines scheduled flights. Only tickets booked and purchased on J,C,D, Y, B, H, L, N, K, T and Z are eligible for mileage accrual. With effect from 1st October 2014, tickets flown on W, X, M and U booking classes are eligible for mileage accrual however, not eligible award upgrade

  4. The following fares are not eligible to earn Royal Skies miles: free or non revenue tickets (E, P, I booking classes), reduced rate companion, prize, group fares (G booking class), charter or non-scheduled flights, travel agency/industry reduced rate, infant tickets, code share flights or tickets issued subject to special provisions. Tickets booked and purchased on O, Q, S A, V and R booking classes are not eligible for mileage accrual and award upgrade. With effect from 15th January 2015, ticket booked and purchased on “V” booking class is not eligible for mileage accrual and award upgrade. Some deeply discounted and special promotional fares may also be excluded from mileage accrual at RBA’s sole discretion or where local government law prohibits accumulation of miles in the member’s account.

  5. Purchased but unused tickets do not accrue mileage. Award tickets do not accrue mileage. Members traveling on upgrade awards will accrue mileage in the purchased class of travel. Mileage is awarded to the passenger using the ticket, regardless of who paid for the ticket. Any claims for mileage and proof of accrual by a member must be received by Royal Skies within six (6) months, after the date such mileage was claimed to have earned, unless a shorter period is specified in the terms of partner participation, in which case the shorter period will apply.

  6. Mileage is awarded based on the Great Circle distance – the shortest route between two points on the surface of the globe – not the distance flown. On multiple-stop through flights, members will earn mileage for the non-stop distance traveled between origin and destination. On connecting flights, which involve a change of flight number, or on trips involving a stopover, members will earn mileage for each segment of the trip.

  7. Mileage is accrued based on Class of Service as follows:

    The following table shows the amount of miles you will earn:

    Class of service

    Booking Class

    Percentage of miles earn

    Business Class

    J, Z


    Discounted Business Class

    C, D


    Economy Class

    Y, B, H, K, L, N, T


    *Discounted Economy Class

    W, M, X, U


    *With effect from 1st October 2014

  8. The additional 50% and 25% miles for flying in Business and Discounted Business Class are referred to as Class of Service bonuses. Class of Service bonuses is calculated based on purchased, not flown, Class of Service. Royal Skies’ Class of Service bonuses are counted toward Elite programme qualification.

  9. Miles can be earned in only one programme for each flight. After the flight departs, members cannot change the programme in which credit will be earned.

  10. In the event of a transferal onto an alternative flight due to unforeseen circumstances, a member will earn miles for the flight the member originally purchased, not for the route flown.

  11. RBA reserves the right to change or modify the mileage accrual rules, including accrual levels and eligible fare types. RBA will determine how many miles should be credited for each qualifying transaction. RBA reserves the right to deduct incorrectly posted mileage.

b) Mileage for Partner Transactions

  1. Royal Skies members can earn mileage for purchase and use of the services of Royal Skies programme partners. The rates and terms of mileage accrual for partner transactions are determined by individual agreements between Royal Skies and its partners and are subject to change. It is the responsibility of members to ensure eligibility to earn miles at the time of booking or purchasing of our partner services.

  2. Members are advised to check the RBA website or contact Royal Skies Service Centre for the latest list of Royal Skies partners and terms of partner participation in the Royal Skies programme.

  3. Members are only eligible for credit with one frequent flyer programme for each flight or transaction. Where a member attempts to accrue miles, points or credits with more than one programme for the same flight or transaction, the miles, points or credits awarded for the flight or transaction will be forfeited.

c) Mileage Tracking

  1. The crediting of mileage to member accounts relies upon an automated tracking system. Members are required to provide their membership number at the time of reservation.

  2. During the time of reservations please enter your names in accordance to International Standard requirements in the following format: Last or Family or Surname / First or Given Name followed by Title (s).

  3. Members are required to produce their membership cards at the time of check-in, even if the number has already been provided during the reservation stage.

  4. Members are advised to retain proof of travel, including copies of the passenger travel receipt and the original boarding passes, until the flight activity appears on the statement.

  5. For partner transactions, members are required to produce their membership cards at the time of purchase of partners’ goods or services. Proof of purchase, such as hotel bills, car rental agreements, and cash receipts, should be retained as they may be required for missing credit verification.

  6. It may take up to two (2) weeks for RBA flight activity or up to six (6) weeks for partner activity to be recorded in the Royal Skies system.

  7. For partner transactions transferred from Royal Skies programme partners, partner transaction cannot be reinstated once the partner activity is recorded in the Royal Skies system.

d) Account Statements

  1. Members will receive a monthly mileage statement if at least one transaction has occurred since the previous statement. The statement activity transaction date/month is printed on the top of the statement.

  2. If a transaction occurs near the statement closing date, it will appear on the next statement.

  3. Monthly statement notification will be sent to the member via email. The statement can be viewed online by logging in to the Royal Skies website using the member’s PIN (Personal Identification Number).

  4. If the miles credited are found to be incorrect, members should notify Royal Skies Centre within three (3) months of receiving their statement. RBA reserves the right to determine whether the activity printed in the statement is correct or may choose to request for supporting documents from the member to proceed with correcting any activity error. Any changed or corrected activity will appear in the next statement.

e) Missing Mileage

  1. Every effort is made to ensure the accurate crediting of mileage. Should a discrepancy be noticed, the member is required to complete a Missing Mileage Credit Form which is available for download from RBA’s website (www.flyroyalbrunei.com), and submit it to the Royal Skies Service Centre.

  2. Membership card or number must be properly quoted or presented at the time of reservation or check-in, or at the time of purchase or usage of services for partner transaction activities for requests of missing mileage credit to be considered.

  3. All requests for missing mileage credit should be accompanied by proof of travel or, for partner transactions, proof of the partner service that has been purchased or provided. The valid proof of travel includes the original boarding pass(es) and a legible copy of passenger ticket receipt or electronic ticket itinerary/receipt. The valid proof of purchase for partner transactions is usually the original bill or receipt. Members must refer to the most recent terms of partner participation on RBA’s website or contact Royal Skies Service Centre to determine what constitutes proof of purchase for partner transactions.

  4. Any claims for mileage and proof of accrual by a member must be received by Royal Skies within twelve (12) months after the date such mileage was claimed to have been earned, unless a shorter period is specified in the terms of partner participation, in which case the shorter period will apply.

  5. Any claims for mileage for partner activities should be checked through the individual partners first where the activity was made. These include any claims or enquiries regarding miles transferred from a partner’s programme to Royal Skies. Royal Skies partners have the right to reject any claims for missing mileage if the claim does not fulfill their qualifying terms and conditions during purchase or use of partner services.

  6. Unless expressly stated otherwise, mileage for partner services can only be credited to one programme each time. Members are advised to check with the respective partner’s office where the original transaction was made regarding missing mileage enquiries.

  7. RBA will not be responsible for the delivery of incoming correspondence. Verbal notification for mileage credit discrepancies will not be accepted. If any of the required documentation to support missing mileage claims were found to be suspiciously altered or illegible, RBA reserves the right to disregard such claims. Any claims for missing mileage received with only boarding pass(es) and copy of passenger ticket receipt without a completed Missing Mileage form attached will not be accepted.

  8. Members should allow six to eight (6-8) weeks for processing and crediting of missing mileage claims. The credited miles will appear in the next statement. Members are advised to check their statements online. RBA will retain all documents submitted, and requires that members retain copies of such documents for their own records. RBA shall not notify members when their missing mileage claims are received or if the claims have been processed.

  9. RBA’s responsibility for missing or incorrectly posted mileage is limited to posting of correct mileage for qualified transactions. RBA reserves the right to make a final determination as to what constitutes a qualifying transaction or to determine the amount of miles to be credited.

  10. During the time of reservations please enter your names in accordance to International Standard requirements in the following format: Last or Family or Surname / First or Given Name followed by Title (s) e.g. Passenger Name: MS ANNE MARIE HOLLAND.  Name to be inserted: HOLLAND / ANNE MARIE MS.

f) Retroactive Mileage Credit

A 3-month retro-active mileage credit is allowed upon enrolment only on scheduled Royal Brunei Airlines flights. Partner transactions prior to enrolment are not eligible for mileage accrual. To claim for retroactive credits members must complete the Missing Mileage Credit Form accompanied by supporting documentation (original boarding passes) and a legible copy of passenger ticket receipt.

5. Redeeming Awards
a) General

  1. Members who have accumulated a sufficient number of miles are eligible to claim Royal Skies awards. Royal Skies offer free flights, free Class of Service upgrades and other redemption options as defined by RBA from time to time and will be communicated through its website. The mileage requirements for flight awards and upgrade awards are listed in the Flight Awards Chart and Upgrade Awards Chart respectively. Children over two (2) years of age require the same mileage for awards as adults. Infants under two (2) years of age, not occupying a seat, travel free as long as they are accompanied by an adult award traveller. There is a limit of one infant per adult award traveller. All flight awards on economy and business classes are only entitled for 20kgs and 30 kgs bagagge allowances respectively.

  2. All flight awards are for round trip travel or for one-way trip.  One-way trip will require 70% of the Royal Skies miles needed for round-trip award tickets in the same class of service.  All upgrade awards are for one-way travel, a round trip upgrade will require two one-way upgrade awards.  Upgrade awards allow only one upgrade to the next Class of Service.

  3. All Royal Skies awards are good on scheduled RBA flights only. Awards are not available on flights operated for RBA by its codeshare partners.

  4. Tickets booked in G, O, Q, S, A, R,V, P, I, E booking classes, reduced rate companion, industry discount, agency discount, and any itinerary which has a sector that is booked under one of these classes, are not entitled for an upgrade award redemption. RBA reserves the right to restrict any booking classes for upgrade awards from time to time.

  5. For just 5,000 miles, Royal Skies members, including registered nominees may purchase Sky Lounge access using Royal Skies miles to enjoy the comfort of Sky Lounge at Brunei International Airport

  6. A minimum of 10 working days prior to departure is required for booking of awards travel. Members are required to contact the Royal Skies Service Centre, RBA reservations, or visit the nearest RBA ticketing office. Members may also fax in a Flight and Upgrade Award Request Form downloadable from www.flyroyalbrunei.com/royalskies to Royal Skies Service Centre at 673 2222211 or redeem online at www.flyroyalbrunei.com/royalskies.

  7. Members will be advised when the award ticket will be ready for issuance and payment for taxes and surcharges to be made at Royal Skies Service Centre and/or through your valid email contact. Payment for taxes and surcharges can be conducted at the RBA ticketing office or at the RBA airport ticket office prior to your ticketing deadline and flight departure. Award tickets are issued as electronic ticket. Members must present their confirmed ticket at RB check-in prior to flight departure. RB has the right to decline any member that fails to present a confirmed ticket. A copy of your flight itinerary from Royal Skies Service Cenre or RB Offices is not considered a valid travel documentation.

  8. Members must have confirmed and ticketed reservations prior to requesting upgrade awards.

  9. It is the responsibility of members to ensure that they have sufficient miles for the desired award. Neither flight nor upgrade award reservation can be made unless the member has sufficient miles in his/her account.

  10. All segments must be confirmed. No open-dated tickets, waitlist, or standby travel is allowed for Royal Skies awards.

  11. Members traveling on award tickets with confirmed reservations who fail to show up for the flight will be considered a no show and fees may be charged.

  12. Royal Skies award reservations can be made through any RBA reservations and ticketing offices or by completing the Flight and Upgrade Award Request form downloadable from www.flyroyalbrunei.com and fax to Royal Skies Service Centre at 673 222 2211.

  13. If an unauthorized award claims from their Royal Skies account is suspected, the member must report within three (3) months of the unauthorized transaction activity to Royal Skies Service Centre.

  14. Please note that travel agents are not authorised to book awards or issue awards tickets on behalf of RBA.

  15. RBA may at any time without notice alter or change the number of miles required to obtain a particular award, withdraw an award supplied or impose a period in which no award will be available. Awards may not be available on all flights at all times. RBA may withdraw, replace or substitute award at any time without notice.

  16. The passengers collecting redemption tickets for themselves and on members behalf must produce a copy of proof of identification of the principal member.

  17. For the collection of redemption tickets by third parties (non-passengers) a copy of proof of identification of principal member must be produced.

  18. A copy of proof of identification of principal member must be produced at the nearest RBA Ticketing office prior to ticket collection or at RBA Ticketing office in BWN (via email/fax/post) prior to issuance of e-tickets (upon request).

  19. It is the responsibility of members to ensure that their email address is valid for Royal Skies Service Centre to advise your confirmed reservation.

  20. If an award claim from their Royal Skies account is requested and/or processed but the member's miles has not been adjusted, the member must report within three (3) months of the unadjusted transaction activity to Royal Skies Service Centre.

  21. For all unreported transactions, Royal Skies Service Centre shall have the sole discretion to make adjustments to the member's miles in accordance with the award claim request. In the event that the member's miles is insufficient to cover such adjustments, Royal Skies Service Centre shall have the right to suspend any award claim request for such account until such time the account accumulate sufficient miles for redemption.

b) Award Availability

There are no blackout dates for Royal Skies awards. Awards seats will be available on all flights, however RBA reserves the right to limit availability of seats for flight or upgrade awards on all flights and in all classes of service. Seats may still be available for sale, but not available for Royal Skies redemption. Members are advised to book well in advance for popular destinations and/or for peak season travel.

c) Award Travel Class of Service

  1. In some instances, RBA may substitute aircraft for commercial, operational, or other reasons. In the event of flight disruption, members traveling on award tickets will be rerouted as per rules for revenue passengers. If you hold a confirmed award reservation in Business Class or First Class and have been downgraded to a lower Class of Service due to such substitution or for any other reason, RBA’s responsibility in such cases will be limited to crediting your Royal Skies account for the difference in mileage required for the booked and the actual travel.

d) Award Travel Routing Restrictions

Award travel between some cities may not be possible. If a published routing does not exist between two cities, or RBA does not offer a service via a published routing, travel must be within the Maximum Permitted Mileage (MPM) as specified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

e) Taxes and Fees

All taxes, fuel surcharges and regulatory charges, including airport, security and other fees, are the sole responsibility of members. This includes personal income taxes in countries where frequent flyer awards may be taxable, or any other taxes, claims and liabilities of any nature arising from award use.

f) Transferability of Awards

  1. Royal Skies awards can be issued to any individual designated by a Royal Skies member at the time of reservation registered under the Redemption Nominee Programme. Once an award is issued, it is non-transferable and no name changes are permitted.

  2. Royal Skies awards cannot be sold, purchased, bartered, or exchanged for cash. If RBA has sufficient grounds to believe that a ticket or upgrade has been obtained as a result of such fraudulent activity, it can refuse transportation to the passenger holding such ticket or upgrade, confiscate the ticket, and terminate the Royal Skies account from which the Award was redeemed. All unused mileage in the terminated account will be cancelled.

g) Complimentary Stopovers

One or two stopovers are allowed on flight award itineraries involving multiple flights or sectors.  Please note that a stopover is not a transit. A stopover means you will be in the stopover city for 24 hours or longer before your next flight.  Please refer to the table below for the validity and number of complimentary stopovers available with each award ticket type for Redemption Booking



One stopover


Two stopovers

Validity of award tickets

Six months

h) Open Jaw Tickets

Open jaw tickets are allowed (i.e. passenger may arrive in one city and return from another) as long as both cities are within the same award category. In such cases, the award requirement will be calculated based on the higher award mileage requirement.

i) Validity of Awards Tickets

Validity of award tickets are subject to the terms and conditions of the tickets.  Validity of award tickets cannot be extended and mileage for expired tickets cannot be reinstated.

j) Changes to Date of Travel

Changes to date of travel not requiring ticket re-issue are allowed free of charge as long as seats are available in the designated award booking classes.  Changes to date of travel requiring ticket re-issuance will be issued for a fee. Members must contact RBA reservations office or the nearest RBA office.
You can change the flight date and time of redemption bookings online.  Other changes can only be done via Royal Skies Service Centre.
There is no refund for, or re-issuance, of partially used tickets.  However, changes to the date or,  route can be made as long as the ticket has not been used.

k) Re-depositing of Unused Awards

If the ticket for your redemption booking has been issued, but it has not been used, please submit your Re-Deposit Unused Awards Form to Royal Skies Service Centre within six (6) months from the date of award issuance . Miles will only be re-deposited into your Royal Skies account if the miles are still valid and have not expired. A service fee will apply.

If the cancellation of ticket is not requested prior to 4 hours of the scheduled flight departure, a no-show fee will apply, in addition to the service fee above.

l) Other Award Changes

Changes of routing, Class of Service, name, and all other changes require a re-depositing of the old award and issuance of a new award. Unless the Member has sufficient mileage for the new award, the old award must be re-deposited before the new award can be issued. Members must allow at least seven (7) working days for Royal Skies Service Centre to process depositing of the old award as described in k. Re-depositing of Unused Awards above.

m) Lost/stolen Award Tickets

If an award ticket is lost or stolen, the member must immediately notify the nearest RBA office and the normal procedure and service charges shall apply as per normal purchased tickets. Please contact the nearest RBA Reservations office or Royal Skies Service Centre for fees information.

6. Elite Programs and Benefits
RBA offers additional benefits to its most frequent flyers through the Royal Skies Silver and Royal Skies Gold programmes, jointly referred to as Elite programmes. Membership in the Elite programmes is based on the following qualification criteria:

Royal Skies Silver – 25,000 flight miles in one calendar year or 20 mileage accrual sectors flown in one calendar year

Royal Skies Gold –50,000 flight miles in one calendar year or 40 mileage accrual sectors flown in one calendar year

A calendar year constitutes 1 January – 31 December. Only flight miles and Class of Service bonuses are eligible for Elite qualification. Any other bonus miles and partner miles will not be counted towards Elite qualification.

Elite programme memberships are valid from the day of qualification until the remainder of the qualification year plus thirteen months. For example, if a member accumulates 25,000 miles by 01 August 2011, his/her Royal Skies Silver membership will remain valid through 31 January 2013.

If an Elite programme member continues to fly the required number of miles or sectors in each calendar year, he/she will maintain the corresponding Elite status and will continue to enjoy the associated Elite level benefits. Royal Skies Gold members who do not re-qualify for the Gold membership, will automatically become Silver members and will be entitled to the Silver level benefits. Royal Skies Silver members who do not re-qualify for the Silver membership, will automatically become general members and will be entitled to general membership benefits.  The member shall use their base membership card (blue) to continue earning mile.

The Elite benefits are applicable on all Royal Brunei Airlines scheduled flights and are not applicable on charter or non-scheduled flights or code share flights. Members or airline employees holding a ticket under the following fares: travel agency/industry reduced rate/subload or free staff tickets (E or I) are not entitle to any Elite benefits.

Your Elite membership period is for 12 months and that is reflected in your account statement. The expiry date on your membership card is 1 month after the end of your membership period so that you will not be inconvenienced by holding an expired card before a new one is received. However, if there is a status change, the benefits of the new tier will take effect at the start of the new membership year and not at the end of the card expiry date.

For just 5,000 miles, Gold and Silver Royal Skies members may purchase invitations for friends, business associates or family members (Redemption Group Nomination) to enjoy the comfort of Sky Lounge at Brunei International Airport.

7. Personal Identification Number (PIN)

  1. Members may apply for a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) through www.bruneiair.com/royalskies. The PIN is needed to access into the member’s secured online account information.

  2. Members must ensure that the PIN is safely kept from use of other persons under any circumstances whatsoever and shall not permit any unauthorized person to use their PIN.

  3. Members shall be liable for all transactions made pursuant to the use of the PIN with or without the member’s knowledge or consent. Royal Brunei Airlines is under no obligation or duty to verify the authenticity of any person who performs transactions through the use of a valid PIN.

  4. Royal Brunei Airlines will not be held liable for any loss, damage or expense incurred by the member however caused, through any unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized use of their PIN.

8. Redemption Nominee

  1. As a Royal Skies member, you can nominate as many as five family members or friends for whom you can redeem your Royal Skies miles for flight awards, Sky Lounge access and extra baggage allowance. Simply download and complete a Redemption Nomination form from www.flyroyalbrunei.com/royalskies and fax to Royal Skies Service Centre at 2222211.

  2. You can nominate any individual to be your Redemption Nominee. A child or infant nominee is treated as an adult and will require the same number of Royal Skies miles for awards. A corporation or other such legal entity cannot be a Redemption Nominee.  The nominee must be a member of Royal Skies before he/she has been nominated.

  3. A service fee of 2000 miles will be applied should members change or delete the nominees in their Redemption Group. Once a change or deletion has been carried out, further changes or deletion can only be carried out after 12 months.  To add or change your Redemption Nominees, download and complete a Redemption Nomination form from www.flyroyalbrunei.com/royalskies and fax to Royal Skies Service Centre at 2222211.

  4. The new, additional or replacement nominees are eligible for free travel awards once their names are registered in a member’s Royal Skies account once per year.  This may take up to 14 days from the date or receipt of the nomination(s) by Royal Skies Service Centre.

  5. The nominees you have registered are authorized to make bookings (online) and collect redemption tickets for themselves and on your behalf. Royal Skies Service Centre will inform the principal member prior to the issuance of redemption tickets to the registered nominees.

  6. Royal Skies members under 17 years of age are not eligible to redeem their miles for award tickets online, unless a Redemption Nominee above 18 years old is travelling with him/her on the same flight.

  7. If you already have an existing list of redemption nominees, you can redeem flight awards for them by visiting the www.bruneiair.com/royalskies page. After selecting the origin and destination cities, travel dates and the number of passengers in the travelling group, you will be asked to choose your preferred flight(s) and to indicate whether you are part of the travelling party.

    If you are redeeming for your nominee(s), you will then be asked to select the specific nominees for whom you would like to redeem the award ticket for, and their details before proceeding to make the relevant payment.  For offline bookings, please complete the Flight/Upgrade Award Request Form and fax your form to Royal Skies Service Centre.

9. Validity period of Royal Skies miles

  1. Your Royal Skies miles are valid for three years.  A member’s Royal Skies miles will expire after three years at the end of the equivalent month in which they were earned. For example, miles credited to a member’s Royal Skies account in July 2011 will expire on 31 July 2014.

  2. Pursuant to the implementation of this Terms and Conditions, all Royal Skies miles accrued prior to 31 March 2011 shall be deemed to be expired on 31st March 2014.

  3. Royal Skies miles that are due to expire for the first time may be extended for a fee once every calendar year. For Royal Skies base members, miles may be extended once for a period of three months only. Royal Skies Elite Silver and Elite Gold members may extend their miles for a period of six months only. Royal Skies miles that are due to expire may be extended for a fee of USD$30 or 4,000 Royal Skies Miles deduction, simply complete the Extension Miles Request Form and submit it to Royal Skies Service Centre two (2) weeks prior to expiry. Royal Skies miles that have already expired cannot be extended.  Exclusively for Royal Skies Elite Gold with effect 1st October 2014, miles do not expire as long as you maintain your Gold tier status.

  4. Members shall be solely responsible to keep track on the validity of miles in their individual accounts. Members can keep track of the accumulated miles online by logging in at www.flyroyalbrunei.com/royalskies . Please plan ahead to use your miles before the expiry date. Miles not utilised by the expiry date will be forfeited and subsequently cannot be extended or reinstated to the Members account.

10. Miles Top-Up

  1. If you have at least 70% of the Royal Skies miles required to redeem for an award ticket, you may purchase the additional miles required to top-up your Royal Skies account at USD20.00 (or the local currency equivalent) per block of 1,000 miles.  You can purchase the top-up miles while you are making your online redemption booking. The purchase is effected immediately if the transaction is done online. 

  2. To top up offline, you will need to download and complete the Miles Top-up Request form. Turnaround time for miles top-up request is at least 3 working days.

  3. The miles top-up will be effected immediately after successful payment.  To purchase the top-up Royal Skies miles offline, you need to download and complete the Miles Top-up Request form.

  4. Purchased miles must be redeemed immediately (within 72 hours) and are non-refundable.  In the case where miles from a completely unused award ticket are redeposited into a member’s account, any purchased miles will not be refunded and will be deemed void.

  5. The miles top-up will always be charged in USD (or the local currency equivalent) and the amount will be shown in US Dollars online. You can pay in your local currency after the exchanged rates have been calculated.  Associated taxes and surcharges will be charged in your local currency.

  6. If you have completely unused award tickets, Royal Skies miles can be re-deposited into your account for a nominal fee, provided the miles are still valid at the time they are re-deposited. However, partially used award tickets cannot be reissued and the Royal Skies miles redeemed for them cannot be re-deposited into your account.

  7. Online purchase of miles is currently not available for upgrades award redemption.

11. Waitlist for one of the flight sectors

If your booking is not confirmed by the ticketing time given, then it will be cancelled. The above applies if you have made your redemption booking online. If you make your redemption booking via Royal Skies Service Centre, you will have to call Royal Skies Service Centre to check on your waitlist status.

12. Credit Card payments
The credit card holder need not be part of the travelling group for redemption awards.

13. Service Fees
  1. The valuable services of request for changes, extension and others are available at nominal fees that can be paid in Royal Skies miles or in US dollars (or local currency equivalent). Elite Silver and Elite Gold will enjoy waived or reduced fees on many of these services, especially when the request is submitted online.
  2. Noshow Fee
    Noshow fee is a charge made by reason of the failure of a passenger to use reserved flight, either through failure to arrive at the airport at the time fixed by airline, or through arriving improperly documented or otherwise not ready to travel on flight (excluding missed connection or any booking cancelled within 4 hours prior departure will be considered as Noshow).

14.  Other Provisions

  1. RBA reserves the right to terminate or change the Royal Skies programme at any time or replace it with another programme, with or without prior notice. This includes the right to terminate or change these Terms and Conditions, the Membership Guide, awards structure, redemption procedure, eligibility of mileage accrual for each flight and any or all other components of the Royal Skies programme. If the programme is terminated, all miles will be cancelled. RBA will make a reasonable effort to notify members if it decides to terminate the programme, however RBA shall not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from such changes in rules or termination of the programme.

  2. Any breach of these Rules and Conditions by a member, whether intentional or otherwise, may result in termination of membership and cancellation of points, awards, or benefits at the sole discretion of RBA.

  3. RBA shall not be liable in any way for any product and service offered, promised or otherwise from a Royal Skies partner. Members agree to hold RBA harmless for any action that may arise as a result of using a Royal Skies partner in any manner.

  4. Should miles credited into the Member’s accounts be subsequently found to be ineligible, the said miles will be deducted automatically.

  5. Should miles not be deducted for any award redemption, RBA has the right to deduct the said miles from the Member’s account automatically at  a later date without prior notice.

  6. It is the responsibility of Members to keep themselves informed of the up-to-date terms and conditions of Royal Skies programme. Continued use of the programme by a Member will be deemed as acceptance of the current terms and conditions. Current terms & conditions shall be updated and posted on the website (www.flyroyalbrunei.com). Terms & conditions printed as collaterals shall not be deemed as current.

  7. Should Royal Skies collaterals be available in other languages the English version shall prevail if any discrepancy should arise.
  8. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Brunei Darussalam.

Please direct all correspondence and inquiries to:
Royal Skies Service Centre
Royal Brunei Airlines Sdn. Bhd.
P.O. Box 737
Bandar Seri Begawan BS 8671
Negara Brunei Darussalam
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: +673 222 3444
Fax: +673 222 2211
Website: www.flyroyalbrunei.com



This is to advise that miles credited to a member's Royal Skies account prior to 31 May 2012 will expire on 31 May 2015. Please submit your requests one (1) week before 31 May 2015.