Here are some answers to the questions you may have about the programme:

How do I enroll?

Complete an enrolment form either online from the website or a printed application form available at any Royal Brunei Airlines Offices and airport check in desks, or you may simply asks for one from our flight attendant on board. Please ensure all details are completed. Incomplete application will result in delay of your enrolment. If you have enrolled from the website, you will receive your temporary membership card from the email address you have provided in your application. Your Personal Identification Number will automatically be generated and sent to the same email address separately. If you are enrolling using a printed application form detach the temporary card and return the completed form to any our Ticketing offices or mail it to Royal Skies Service Centre, P. O Box 737, Bandar Seri Begawan BS 8671, Brunei Darussalam.

I want to enroll my children as a member. How do I do that?

Membership applications submitted by minors (individuals aged under 18) must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Minimum age allowed for membership is above 2 years of age.

When do I get my permanent membership card?

You can start earning your miles using the temporary card detached from the application form or using the temporary card sent to your email by printing it. Your permanent card and welcome pack will be sent to you within 4 -6 weeks after your first activity is recorded in your account.

Will I need to request for a rebranded Royal Skies membership card?

No, you will not need to request for a rebranded card. A replacement membership card will be printed complimentary for Royal Skies Members.

Will I be receiving the rebranded Royal Skies membership card?

Only active Royal Skies Member will be receiving the rebranded Royal Skies membership card. Members will be notified when the card is ready for collection.

How will I be eligible to receive the rebranded Royal Skies membership card?

Royal Skies members must be an active member and must have achieved a minimum of 1500 miles in their Royal Skies account. If you fulfill both criteria, a new membership card will be issued to members.

Will the rebranded Royal Skies membership card be provided complimentary?

Yes, the new card will be provided to eligible and active Royal Skies members complimentary.

When will I received the rebranded Royal Skies Card?

Royal Skies members will be notified in the near future when the card is ready for collection.

Is my current Royal Skies card details still valid?

Yes, your current Royal Skies card details will remain unchanged and valid.

Can I still present my current (old) card to earn miles?

Yes, you may continue to present your current card until you received your rebranded Royal Skies membership card.

Will the RB ticket office or check-in counters accept my current card?

Yes, your current card will still be accepted by our RB offices and counters.

Which RB Service Centre or Office can I contact on my replacement or rebranded membership card?

Please contact Royal Skies Service Centre at 673-2223444 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to inquire.

Will I accrue miles on the discounted fares from the ticket that I have purchased?

A: Yes, with effect from 1st October 2014, tickets flown on W, X, M and U booking classes are eligible for mileage accrual however, not eligible award upgrade

The following table shows the amount of miles you will earn:

Class of service

Booking Class

Percentage of miles earn

Business Class

J, Z


Discounted Business Class

C, D


Economy Class

Y, B, H, K, L, N, T, V


*Discounted Economy Class

W, M, X, U


* With effect from 1st October 2014

I have just moved and changed my address. Do I need to complete a form and send to Royal Skies Service Centre?

Yes. You can either complete the Change of Personal Details Form or log into your online account by entering your membership number and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Once you are logged in, click the Edit Details button and you will be able to edit your details such as email address, home address and telephone number. However, if there is a change in your name, you must complete the Change of Personal Details Form and provide a supporting legal document and mail it to Royal Skies Service Centre.

I do not have a Personal Identification Number. How do I request for it?

You can request for your Personal Identification Number online. Go to http://Royalskies.bruneiair.com and click on the Members Area page. In the Member’s Area page, click Don’t have a PIN? link and enter your Membership number. Complete the details requested and your PIN will be sent to your email address for you to retrieve. Make sure the email address you provided is a valid email address. You must ensure that your PIN is kept safe at all times. If you have problems requesting for your PIN, please contact Royal Skies Service Centre.

Can I still earn miles if I have bought a ticket for someone else?

Miles are earned either from using the services of our partners or if the member flies on Royal Brunei Airlines. If the member has bought a ticket for another person who is also a member of Royal Skies, the person flying will earn the miles, not the member who bought the ticket. Miles are credited to the account of the traveller.

How do I know that my miles are credited?

You must ensure that you have provided your membership number at the time of reservation and again during check in or for partner transactions at the time of purchase of goods and services. It may take up to 6 weeks for your miles to be credited in your account. Make sure you have retained your boarding passes or ticket receipt and for partner transactions sales receipt until the activity appear in your statement. You can also check your activity online by logging on using your PIN to http://Royalskies.bruneiair.com.

Can I earn mileage on all types of tickets?

Almost all types of tickets can earn mileage except for free, reduced rate companion, prize, group, charter, travel agency/industry reduced rate, infant tickets, or tickets issued subject to special provisions. Some deeply discounted and special promotional fares may also be excluded from mileage. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the ticket before you purchase. Alternatively, you can read the Royal Skies terms and conditions to check which tickets are eligible for mileage accrual.

How do I earn miles?

Every time you make a reservation for an eligible Royal Brunei Airlines flight, simply quote the membership number shown on your Royal Skies card. And make sure your travel agent or travel arranger knows that you are a Royal Skies member, and that you would like your travel credited every time you fly with Royal Brunei Airlines.
Also, please present your Royal Skies membership card along with your ticket when you check-in, to ensure that your travel is credited. If your membership number has not been provided, we cannot properly credit your account.

How many miles will I earn?

You will never earn less than our minimum of 500 miles per flight, even for destinations that are fewer than 500 miles from your point of embarkation. For destinations above 500 miles in distance, you earn actual miles.
When you fly on a paid Business Class ticket, you will earn a 50% bonus on top of actual miles.
When you fly on a paid First Class ticket, you will earn a 100% bonus on top of actual miles.
These bonuses don’t just add up to give you great awards. They also count towards your qualification for our Royal Skies Elite programmes, unlike other frequent flyer programmes.
For example, if you fly from Bandar Seri Begawan to Kuala Lumpur, you will earn 919 Royal Skies miles. Add on the 50% bonus for flying Business Class, and your total becomes 1,378 Royal Skies miles. All of which will add to your Royal Skies Silver or Gold programmes qualification.

What privileges do the Elite programmes offer?

Elite programmes offer more benefits to its members such as additional baggage allowance, lounge access and many more. You can check out these benefits in the Elite Programmes page.

How can I redeem my awards?

You can redeem for flight awards and upgrade awards. Royal Skies Programme has also introduced another award, Extra Baggage Allowance Award. Click here for more details.

Can I change my free flight ticket if my travel plans change?

While subject to seat availability, your travel dates can be changed at no charge for as long as your ticket remains valid. The validity of award tickets is six (6) months from the date of issue.

If you cannot travel, you are required to cancel your flight award reservations before your Royal Skies miles can be re-deposited into your account. Then mail your wholly unused award ticket along with your request to the Royal Skies Service Centre for processing. And please note that there is a fee of USD$30 (or local equivalent) or 2,000 Royal Skies miles for this service.

Will I receive account statements?

You will receive a personal account statement each quarter, as long as at least one activity was recorded in your account for that quarter. Please note that if the activity occurs close to the date of statement delivery, it may appear on your next statement. Please check your online statement carefully to ensure there are no omissions.
It is recommended that you retain your boarding passes, passenger receipts, as well as Royal Skies partner receipts until your activity has been reflected on your statement. You can retrieve your statement online using your PIN to log in to your online account.

From October 2006, you will receive your online statement monthly.

Does Royal Skies have any partners with whom I can earn miles?

Yes. You can earn Royal Skies miles without even flying Royal Brunei Airlines! We are constantly bringing new partners into the programme, partners that you will find fit your needs for travel and more. The amount of miles you can earn and other rules of mileage accrual vary from partner to partner, and as a Royal Skies member, you will receive updates of our Royal Skies partners. For the most recent details, please visit Royal Brunei Airlines’ website at http://Royalskies.bruneiair.com/, or call the Royal Skies Service Centre at +673 222 3444.

What is the Redemption Nominee programme?

As a Royal Skies member, you can nominate as many as five family members or friends for whom you can redeem your Royal Skies miles for flight awards. Simply download and complete a Redemption Nomination form from www.bruneiair.com/royalskies and fax to Royal Skies Service Centre at 673-222 2211.

Who qualifies as a Redemption Nominee?

You can nominate any individual to be your Redemption Nominee. A child or infant nominee is treated as an adult and will require the same number of Royal Skies miles for awards. Kindly note, that a corporation or other such legal entity cannot be a Redemption Nominee. The nominee must also be a member of Royal Skies before he/she has been nominated.

Can I use my miles for my family to travel?

Yes, you can nominate up to five family members and friends for whom you can redeem your Royal Skies miles for flight awards. To add or change your Redemption Nominees online, download and complete a Redemption Nomination form from here and fax to Royal Skies Service Centre at 673-222 2211.

Can I change or add my Redemption Nominees?

Members can change or delete the nominees in their Redemption Group for a nominal fee. Once a change or deletion has been carried out, further changes or deletions can only be carried out after 12 months. To add or change your Redemption Nominees online, download and complete a Redemption Nomination form.

When can the new nominees redeem for free travel award?

The new, additional, or replacement nominees are eligible for free travel awards once their names are registered in a member’s Royal Skies account.  This may take up to 14 days from the date or receipt of the nomination(s) by Royal Skies Service Centre.

Can the nominees redeem from the principal account?

The nominees you have registered are authorised to make bookings and collect redemption tickets for themselves and on your behalf. Proof of identification is required for bookings and redemption purposes.  Kindly note that Royal Skies Service Centre will not inform the principal member nor be held liable for issuing redemption tickets to the registered nominees.

Can Royal Skies members of any age redeem their miles for award tickets?

Royal Skies members under 17 years of age are not eligible to redeem their miles for award tickets online, unless a Redemption Nominee above 18 years old is travelling with him/her on the same flight.

Can I make an online booking for a child below 12 years of age?

Online Redemption Booking cannot be done for a child below 12, if he/she is travelling alone. To redeem for a child under 12 travelling alone, please contact Royal Skies Service Centre.

How do I make redemption bookings for my nominees?

If you already have an existing list of redemption nominees, you can redeem flight awards for them by visiting the www.bruneiair.com/royalskies page. After selecting the origin and destination cities, travel dates and the number of passengers in the travelling group, you will be asked to choose your preferred flight(s) and to indicate whether you are part of the travelling party.

If you are redeeming for your nominee(s), you will then be asked to select the specific nominee(s) for whom you would like to redeem the award ticket for, as well as their flight details before proceeding to make the relevant payment. For offline bookings, please complete the Flight/Upgrade Award Request Form and fax your form to Royal Skies Service Centre.

If you do not already have a list of redemption nominees, you can nominate up to five family members or friends here.

Why can't I combine or pool my miles with another Royal Skies member?

Royal Skies membership is open to individuals only. Miles cannot be combined or pooled as Royal Skies’ accrual and redemption structure are designed to meet the needs of each of the individual traveller earning miles to redeem for him/herself and/or his/her nominee(s).

What is the validity period of Royal Skies miles?

Your Royal Skies miles are valid for three years.  A member’s Royal Skies miles will expire after three years at the end of the equivalent month in which they were earned. For example, miles credited to a member’s Royal Skies account in July 2011 will expire on 31 July 2014. However, please note that Royal Skies accounts that do not have mileage accrual within 36 months will expire.

Can we request to extend the expiry of miles?

Royal Skies miles that are due to expire for the first time may be extended for a fee once every calendar year. For Royal Skies base members, miles may be extended once for a period of three months only. Royal Skies Elite Silver and Elite Gold members may extend their miles for a period of six months only. Royal Skies miles that are due to expire may be extended for a fee and must complete the Extension Miles Request Form and submit to Royal Skies Service Centre six (6) weeks prior to expiry. Royal Skies miles that have already expired cannot be extended.

Why is the expiry date on my Elite membership card different from my membership expiry date when I check my account online?

Your Elite membership period is for 12 months and that is reflected in your account statement.
For your convenience, the expiry date on your membership card is one month after the end of your membership period so that you will not hold an expired card before a new card is received. However, if there is a status change, the benefits of the new tier will take effect at the start of the new membership year and not at the end of the card expiry date.

Do I receive a discount when I redeem miles online?

You will receive a 10% discount on the usual number of miles required to any RBA destination when you redeem your Royal Skies miles for award tickets online.

What is the Miles Top-Up programme?

If you have at least 70% of the Royal Skies miles required to redeem for an award ticket, you may purchase the additional miles required to top-up your Royal Skies account at US$20 (or the local currency equivalent) per block of 1,000 miles.  You can purchase the top-up miles while you are making your online redemption booking. The purchase is effective immediately if the transaction is done online. 

To top-up offline, you will need to download and complete the Miles Top-up Request form. Turnaround time for miles top-up request is at least three working days.

Can I redeem for a one-way ticket?

Yes, a one-way award ticket will require 70% of the Royal Skies miles needed for round-trip award tickets in the same class of service.

Can I purchase Royal Skies miles?

If you have at least 70% of the Royal Skies miles required to redeem for an award ticket, you may purchase the additional miles required to top-up your Royal Skies account at US$20 (or the local currency equivalent) per block of 1,000 miles.

This can be done online while you are making your Online Redemption Booking. The miles top-up will be effective immediately after successful payment. To purchase the top-up Royal Skies miles offline, you need to download and complete the Miles Top-up Request form. Processing time is at least three working days.

Is purchase of miles refundable?

Purchased miles must be redeemed immediately (within 72 hours) and are non-refundable. In the case where miles from a completely unused award ticket are re-deposited into a member’s account, any purchased miles will not be refunded and will be deemed void.

In what currency will the purchase of miles be charged?

The miles top-up will always be charged in USD (regardless of your location) and the amount will be shown in US Dollars online. You can pay in your local currency after the exchanged rates have been calculated.  Associated taxes and surcharges will be charged in your local currency.

Can I get a refund of miles for unused award tickets

If you have completely unused award tickets, Royal Skies miles can be re-deposited into your account for a nominal fee, provided the miles are still valid at the time they are re-deposited. However, partially used award tickets cannot be reissued and the Royal Skies miles redeemed for them cannot be re-deposited into your account.

What are my options if I’m making a round-trip redemption booking, and I’m on the waitlist for one of the flight sectors?

If your booking is not confirmed by the ticketing time given, then it will be cancelled. The above applies if you have made your redemption booking online. If you make your redemption booking via Royal Skies Service Centre, you will have to call Royal Skies Service Centre to check on your waitlist status.

Can I make changes to my redemption award online?

You can change the flight date and time of redemption bookings. These changes can only be done via Royal Skies Service Centre, and this will render your ticket ineligible for the 10% online redemption booking discount.  Changes to date of travel not requiring ticket reissue are allowed free of charge as long as seats are available in the designated award booking classes. 

Can I amend the itinerary on my award ticket if it has already been issued? Can I also make amendments if I have flown one way already?

There is no refund for, or re-issuance, of partially used tickets. However, changes to the date or route can be made as long as the ticket has not been used.  Please note that there will be a nominal fee for changes to the date or route of your RBA flights.

I have confirmed and ticketed my redemption booking but I would like to cancel it now. How should I go about it?

If the ticket for your redemption booking has been issued, but it has not been used, please call Royal Skies Service Centre to cancel the booking. Miles will only be re-deposited into your Royal Skies account if they are still valid and have not expired at a service fee.  If the cancellation of ticket is within 24 hours of the scheduled flight departure, a cancellation fee of 5000 miles / USD50 will also apply, in addition to the service fee above.

For redemption awards, must the credit card holder be a part of the travelling group?

No, for redemption awards, the credit card holder need not be part of the travelling group.

Is online purchase of miles available for upgrades?

Online purchase of miles is currently not available for upgrades

What are service fees?

The valuable services of request for changes, extension and others are available at nominal fees that can be paid in Royal Skies miles or in US dollars (or local currency equivalent). Elite Gold will enjoy waived or reduced fees on many of these services, especially when the request is submitted online.

Complimentary Stopovers

One or two stopovers are allowed on flight award itineraries involving multiple flights or sectors. Please note that a stopover is not a transit. A stopover means you will be in the stopover city for 24 hours or longer before your next flight. Please refer to the table below for the validity and number of complimentary stopovers available with each award ticket type for Online Redemption Booking.

Online Award

Standard and Full Awards


No stopover

One stopover


One stopover

Two stopovers

Validity of award tickets

Six months

Twelve months



This is to advise that miles credited to a member's Royal Skies account prior to 31 May 2012 will expire on 31 May 2015. Please submit your requests one (1) week before 31 May 2015.