Earning Miles

How to earn miles?

Every time you make a reservation for an eligible Royal Brunei Airlines flight, simply quote the membership number shown on your Royal Skies membership card. Make sure your travel agent or travel arranger knows that you are a Royal Skies member, and that you would like your travel credited every time you fly with Royal Brunei Airlines.

You must also present your Royal Skies membership card along with your ticket when you check-in to ensure that your travel is duly credited.

Your account will not be credited properly if your membership number has not been provided accordingly.

Also when you purchase or use the services of our partners, please show your Royal Skies membership card when making payments to claim for your Royal Skies miles.

Keep your boarding passes and ticket receipts even after you have flown, including receipt of original bills from our partners. This is to ensure that all your miles have been properly credited when you check your activities / transactions on your statement.

What do I earn?

In Royal Skies, you will never earn less than our minimum of 500 miles per flight, even for destinations that are fewer than 500 miles from your point of embarkation. For destinations above 500 miles in distance, you earn actual miles.

Actual miles are based on the Great Distance Circle, i.e. actual distance from point A to point B. Members earn actual miles on every Royal Brunei Airlines flight, plus Class of Service bonus.

A Class of Service Bonus is awarded when you fly on paid Full Published or even on Discounted Business Class ticket. These bonuses count towards your qualifications for our Royal Skies Elite programme.

§ Full Published Business Class - 50% (of actual miles) Class of Service bonus
§ Discounted Business Class - 25% (of actual miles) Class of Service bonus

For example:
When you fly from Bandar Seri Begawan to Kuala Lumpur, you will earn 931 Royal Skies miles.
Add 50% bonus for flying on Full Published Business Class OR add 25% for Discounted Business Class.



Base / Actual miles

Class of Service Bonus

Total miles Earned

Full Published Business Class
Bandar Seri Begawan
Kuala Lumpur
931 miles
( 50% Class of
Service Bonus )
1,397 miles
Discounted Business Class
Bandar Seri Begawan
Kuala Lumpur
931 miles
( 25% Class of
Service Bonus )
1,164 miles

*Nil Class of Service Bonus for Economy Class

The following table shows the amount of miles you will earn:

Class of service

Booking Class

Percentage of miles earn

Business Class
Discounted Business Class
Z, C, D
Economy Class Y, B, H, K, L, N, T
Discounted Economy Class W, M, X, U 50%



This is to advise that miles credited to a member's Royal Skies account prior to 31 January 2012 will expire on 28 February 2015. Please submit your requests one (1) week before 28 February 2015.