Be A Member

Membership in the programme is FREE! It is open to any individual over 2 years old. Minors (under 18) applying for membership will have a parent or guardian sign the enrolment form on their behalf.

Enrolment can be done through printed forms or online.

Anyone enrolling using the brochure-like printed forms will immediately find a temporary card that they can start to use to earn miles. Temporary cards will be sent to the individual through email for those who have applied online.

A permanent membership card and membership guide will be issued and sent to the member within 2-4 weeks after the first flight or partner activity is registered in the account. In the meantime, the member can still use the temporary card until their permanent card arrives.




This is to advise that miles credited to a member's Royal Skies account prior to 31 May 2012 will expire on 31 May 2015. Please submit your requests one (1) week before 31 May 2015.